The DMC-30SL Reference Preamplifier


Once every decade or so Spectral engineers assess our fundamental amplification topologies in light of the ongoing evolution in high-tech analog practices and premium discrete component technologies. Since the development of ultra high quality analog circuitry is an evolutionary as opposed to a revolutionary process, fine analog circuitry born of care and thoughtful refinement tend to work and sound best, even if they were not designed just yesterday. Spectral’s most recent reevaluation of our fundamental amplifier topologies occurred in the late 1980s resulting in some of our most highly regarded analog and digital audio components. Now Spectral introduces a new implementation of our ambitious premium discrete analog signal technology in the form of an ultra high-performance gain cell.

The new SHHA Module (Spectral High-speed Hybrid Amplifier) takes Spectral’s wideband, fast-settling discrete circuit topology to a new level of performance and signal linearity. Using newly available premium discrete component technologies, Spectral engineers have developed a dense, highly optimized surface mount layout topology for higher signal speed and ultra-fast signal extinction. Reduced size of the new all fet, fully balanced topology results in improved cross-coupling and noise isolation for ultra-quiet operation. Even more remarkable given the compact layout of the SHHA module is the exceptional nature of its power capabilities. The SHHA module is a high-current powerhouse producing full output a 1MHz and one full ampere, setting new standards for headroom and drive capability in a preamplifier line section.


The SHHA line section technology is only part of the unique advances incorporated in DMC-30SL. New power supply topology and precision shunt regulators for all sections offer superior isolation and remarkable 8dB improvement in signal-to-noise over the excellent DMC-30. Power supply transformer capacity also doubles to accommodate massive shielding arrays for improved line isolation and field containment. Cost-no-object component technologies such as hand-trimmed bulk metal resistors and custom polystyrene film caps occupy sensitive signal locations such as gain setting and feedback. Improvements are not limited to performance advances alone. User convenience benefits also as the DMC-30SL incorporates surround sound input programming for home theatre integration.


For music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike, the benefits of the DMC-30SL are invaluable. The DMC-30SL offers a unique level of dynamics, dimension, lifelike detail and transparency while offering a rare combination of remote control convenience and functionality. Superb low frequency detail and articulation exceed any previous Spectral design. Through improved circuit settling speed, resolution and transient decay are presented with the natural timbre of the event while providing more low level information than ever before. Staging and image holography are further improved over the DMC-30 and set a new standard. In summary, the DMC-30SL represents Spectral’s twenty-five years with distinction, opening important new doors to the musical experience.

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