The DMA-160S Studio Universal Amplifier


Until now the matchless sonic benefits of Spectral’s high-speed, fast-settling amplifier technology have been available exclusively in full Spectral component systems. Now the DMA-160S Studio Universal Amplifier brings Spectral’s high-resolution signal amplification to critical new applications in pro-sound and reference music systems. The DMA-160S Studio Universal has been designed as a stand-alone reference amplifier for use in various applications in studio monitoring and audiophile systems where a Spectral preamplifier is not available. The stand-alone capability of the DMA-160S is achieved with an exclusive “active buffer” input topology which can maintain optimum input matching with high-level source components without compromising internal bandwidth. The DMA-160S brings all the performance benefits of “the fastest signal response in the audio industry” to bi-amp applications and multi-amp systems as well, for a new level of musical realism.

Spectral audio components share creative uncompromising use of edge-of-the-art technology, dedicated precision manufacture, and experience with live sound at recording sessions. From much listening and design experimentation, Spectral has consistently pioneered component systems having fast settling, high-speed circuit architecture. These have invariably outperformed more traditional often cumbersome high-end design methods to achieve superlative detail, staging and listener involvement. Indeed, test methodology simulating music waveforms and hearing acuity confirm that quickness of response and rapid signal extinction when reproducing complex dynamics are mandatory for accurate music reproduction. Only then can one preserve instantaneous waveform accuracy to prevent cover-up of delicate musical signals by previous transient events. Construction and performance of the Spectral DMA-160S Amplifier for this demanding criterion and resulting sonic resolution are unmatched among contemporary high-end amplifier designs.


Like the renowned DMA-360 Monaural Reference, the DMA-160S utilizes Spectral’s unique “Focused Array” output section design with powerful ultra-fast Mega Fet devices. Each device, having vacuum tube like operating character, is energized from its own dedicated high energy storage capacitor, rectifier, and individually powered from an isolated ultra-low coupled transformer winding. Individual teflon bias trimmers are used to calibrate each output device separately. Groups of these individual output device/power supply circuits utilize field folding construction and electronic shielding to further impede propagation of stray interference. The resulting “Focused Array” of individual isolated output sections performs as one with virtually no cross-coupling and energy storage artifacts reflecting between output devices. During extreme program dynamics, this arrangement can launch an instantaneous high current drive of over 60 amps per channel to the most sophisticated loudspeakers with assured precision waveform tracing. Gone are performance damaging magnetic and electrical field propagation problems of conventional multiple device heavy construction. Without stray radiation, critical small signal paths within the DMA-160S and other sound system components can perform with lowest distortion and settle to signal extinction in micro-seconds. Hence, the DMA-160S works with power and speed yet behaves inert to other electronic parts of the system. Reproduction is highly articulate and resolving yet has all the powerful unlimited character of the best very high power amplifier designs, giving little suggestion of its actual 175 watt-per-channel output specification.


Improvements in high-current FET technology, high-speed amplifier topologies and power supply systems are combined in the DMA-160S Studio Universal Amplifier to successfully advance the art of amplifier design. Until now, amplifiers could not offer both powerful speaker control capabilities and the sonic transparency and life possible only with high-speed, fast-settling circuitry. Breakthrough circuits backed by Spectral experience have now brought together the necessary combination of speed, accuracy, control and stealth. The DMA-160S Studio Universal Amplifier advances the Spectral tradition for musical resolution and sonic holography. Now the remarkable sonic sophistication and uncompromising precision which are unique to Spectral high-speed amplifiers are finally available for a wide array of new musical applications.

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