The SDR-4000SV Reference CD Processor



SDR-4000SV Digital Systems Specifications

Sample Rate:44.1KHz
D/A Conversion:Four custom 24 bit DACs in double balanced configuration
Digital Filter:8x oversampling, 56 bit math 64 bit accumulator HDCD
Analog Filter:Passive type, fully discrete . Linear phase to 28KHz
Frequency Response:DC to 22KHz +/- .3 dB 
DAC Step Resolution:Better than 120dB
Digital Noise Output:100 uV peak to peak or less
Transient Overshoot:8% or less
Transient Settling Time100uS or less @ 1%
Intrinsic Jitter:1 picosecond rms or better, 3-4 picoseconds peak 


SDR-4000SV Analog Systems Specifications

Outputs:RCA single-ended
Output Impedance:100 Ohms
Frequency Response:DC to 1.2 Mhz -3 dB
Harmonic Distortion:Less than .001
Intermodulation(SMPTE):Less than .001
Nominal Output:.75 Volt rms
Output Voltage Swing:2.5 Volts rms maximum
Signal to Noise Ratio:Greater than 120 dB
Channel Separation:Better than 115 dB
Slew Rate:400V/us


SDR-4000SV Power Requirements

Voltage:Factory set 120, 220, 240 VAC @ 47.5 Hz to 440 Hz
Continuous Dissipation:65 Watts


SDR-4000SV CD Transport Specifications

Front Panel:
Load Selector
Play Selector
Stop Selector
Pause Selector
Operate/Standby Selector
Time Display Function Selector
Display Brightness Selector
Scan Backward Selector
Scan Forward Selector
Previous Track Selector
Next Track Selector
Rear Panel:
Spectralink Digital Interface (optional)
Main Power Switch
AC Line Fuse
IEC AC Power Connector
Disc Loader:Slot load, custom designed, MIL spec.
Pickup:Objective lens drive type with 3-beam laser pickup linear drive servo
Wow & Flutter:Below measureable limit (accuracy of crystal)


SDR-4000SV Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions:48cm (19") W, 10.5cm (4.25")H, 40cm (16")D
Weight:20.9 KG (46 lbs.) net


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